The irresistible urge of upgrading to the latest launched smartphones is a common thing now. Around 95 brands launched 1137 new phone models alone in 2014 as per 91mobiles report. Increasing awareness and affordability is poised to sizzle the growth of mobile phone market further in 2015.


Old mobile phones to the tune of 170 million are discarded or replaced annually. Reasons like planned obsolescence, irreparable design and abundance of latest smartphone models in the market have reduced the shelf-life of smartphones dramatically. On the one hand, we are upgrading our smartphones more frequently but on the other we are generating more and more toxic eWaste or electronic waste by dumping the old ones.


Here is why, you must reuse and recycle your old smartphone:


1.Saves Natural Resources Like Gold and Silver




Yes, you heard it right. According to a UN report 41 handsets contain 1 gram of gold. Your smartphone contains precious resources like gold, silver and copper among many other precious rare earth metals. Virtually, by reusing or recycling your smartphone, you save Mother Earth from excess mining of these natural resources.


2.Lesser Carbon Emissions




An Apple iPhone 5S alone emits 70 kg of carbon particles and 81% of the carbon particles are emitted during its manufacturing. Reusing a phone will prevent lesser manufacturing of new mobile phones, contributing to lesser carbon emissions.


3.More Affordable Smartphones For Everyone



People with economic prosperity are the first, who buy latest premium smartphones and also the first to discard or dump them. If the phones are sent to second-hand refurbished market, it will enable people with less money to afford premium technology.


4.Better Connectivity


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Relatively cheaper refurbished or reused smartphones will enable majority of people to connect and have access to internet.


5.Make Money




No matter, how big or small the amount is, money never hurts anyone. Sell your old smartphone now & make money.