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The menace of electronic waste (e-waste) in India has been increasing. India does not have a dedicated e-waste law and we are taking care of

The challenges of e-waste management can be classified as lack of appropriate infrastructure, legislation and framework for end-of-life products. The following describe the implementation challenges

Like China, India is now confronted with the huge problem of e-waste – both locally generated and internationally imported – and also both a lucrative

It’s the economic growth that poses biggest challenge-managing e-waste. Processing in developing nations has only recently emerged as an important issue, thus relevant research remains

Green Electronics

The mountain of used gadgets, computers, televisions and other electronics just keeps growing. Have we ever thought where is it likely to end up? According

E-Waste in India To Rise 500% by 2020

As electronics become integral to how we live our lives and conduct businesses, how these electronics are disposed is a great concern for nations all

Common Problems with E- waste

The best option for dealing with E wastes is to reduce the volume. Designers should ensure that the product is built for re-use, repair and/or

Despite a wide range of environmental legislation in India there are no specific laws or guidelines for electronic waste or computer waste till 2010. As

In India the accrued electronic waste such as printed wiring boards, cathode ray tubes (CRT), cables, plastics, metals, condensers and nowadays even invaluable materials like

 The methods for disposing of e- trash are imperfect and may result in detrimental effects to the environment and humans. Many discarded machines contain usable

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