Today, life runs around our gadgets be it your smartphone, tablet or laptop – and they need power and so ultimately life revolves around charging them. One can easily find old forgotten chargers lying around in the closet or some storage. In the end, most of these chargers get dumped with regular garbage and reach landfills, which in turn pollute the environment and harm human health. Here we will take a look at some of the most eco-friendly chargers, which can help you up your Green Quotient and help the planet at the same time without any inconvenience:

charger 1Heat-Leeching Chargers
The Eco-charge is a brilliant green charger that draws its enrgy from an unconventional resource – heat. Developed by product designer Ardavan Mirhosseini, this charger absorbs heat energy from various sources around the house, collects it and conveniently transfers it to your smartphone or mp3 player. The charger is 10 cm long and is magnetized, which allows you to attach it to metal surfaces like your oven, radiators and pots to capture heat.



charger 2K-TOR Pocket Socket 2
K-TOR Pocket Socket 2 is a hand crank power generator. It doesn’t need any external electrical source in order to power up your cell phone – it just efficiently converts human energy into 120 volts of power to charge up your phone. So, if anyone is looking for a charger that doesn’t depend on any other external power source – this is it!



charger 3Rocking Chair Charger
Rocking chair charger gives you an opportunity to charge the batteries of your electrical devices while relaxing. Sit back comfortably in this chair and just rock and roll. Okay just rock! This way you will generate kinetic energy, which is converted to usable power through an inverter and can be used to charge various devices using a standard USB cable.


charger 4Ray Solar-Powered Suction Charger
This suction charger is not like other solar chargers. It has been designed in a way to utilize maximum solar energy anywhere anytime. It can be used over windows, windshields or any place that gets ample sunlight – the suction cup easily attaches to surfaces. It captures maximum available solar energy to charge your cell phone real quick. So get yourself this Solar-Powered Suction Charger and never worry about leaving home with a discharged battery.



charger 5Lightbulb-Powered Chargers


See those tube lights lighting up your room, office and other places. They generate heat energy, which can be utilized to improve energy efficiency. Lightbulb powered chargers can simply hang on to these lights and store the heat energy released by them. This energy is used to power the batteries through a regular USB cable.




There are many more chargers, which can help you reduce your carbon footprint. The list is on, Eco-friendly chargers part II will have few more exciting chargers using clean energy to power up your electrical devices.