Here is the continued list of Green Chargers, which can help you to keep your device’s batteries full without impacting the environment.



charger 6Eco-bike Chargers

Do you lack the motivation to go cycling? Well, here is something that can encourage you to ride it – Your Cell Phone’s battery. It’s sounds insane but it’s realistic, healthy and environment friendly. Ride the bicycle to charge your phone. These eco-bike chargers convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, which can be used to charge your phone. This is a natural and convenient way to not just keep your phone charged but your health too.



charger 7Solar Cuff Charger

This is a one of a kind wearable Solar Charger designed by Lawrence Boysen [@LawrenceBoysen]. It generates energy using every day sunlight exposure. This solar paneled bracelet comes with a mini-USB port that you can connect with your device using standard USB data cable. Wonder if this will set off a new trend, stop carrying your charger, start wearing it.



charger 8Orange Power Pump

Orange power pump is a modified version of regular air foot pump. Treading on the pump will generate kinetic energy. This kinetic energy drives a small turbine inside the compact orange power pump. This energy is converted into electrical energy, which charges cell phones. It’s a smart way to keep the battery going especially on adventure trips.



charger 9Solio Classic2 Charger

You are fond of gadgets and most of them run on batteries, which needs to be charged. Here is the device for charging multiple devices. This Solio classic2 charger converts solar energy and is powerful enough to charge devices like smartphones, e-readers, bike lights, water purifiers, headlamps, etc. through a USB cable.



charger 10 -The Shake MP3 player 


Well, this is not exactly a charger, but we loved it because of its simplicity and practicality as a music player. With the Shake MP3 player all you need to do to charge it is – SHAKE IT. It basically runs on kinetic energy. The device’s battery is connected to an electromagnetic coil, which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. This MP3 player also comes with the facility of conventional charging.






Using an environment friendly charger is a small step towards going green in life. And now you have a lot of options to choose from. Every single step is valuable in the path of saving the planet. Do your bit to make a difference.