It’s that time of the year again, the time to spread happiness, good cheer and a lot of gifts!! Well, this time around we’ve got a few ideas for you to gift mother earth a Christmas gift too. This festive season, you can go green by giving Green Gifts to your loved ones. So how do you do that – by upcycling your eWaste into eco-friendly Christmas gifts. This way you can help keep eWaste out of landfills, and ensure a greener environment as well as make your loved one happy with these unique handmade upcycled items. Let’s take a look –


e-waste bracelet 2 1. E-waste Bracelet
These green bracelets are made of various old and obsolete electrical components. You can also create your own by plucking different or similar elements from old broken appliances and stringing them together on a wire or thread of your choice.



E-waste necklace 22. E-waste Necklace
Just like bracelets you can make necklaces. They will just be longer and will require more units of the element you might be using. The elements don’t have to be particularly similar; you may create a pattern or completely random combination as well. You may also sync it with a pair of ear pieces or create a complete set.



Keyboard lamp3. Keyboard Utilities
If you are the one with number of keyboards lying around in the house without any use then it’s time to put them in use. Pluck out all the keys and paste them, sew them, stich them and glue them with whatever and wherever you want. You can make photo frames, jewelry box, light holder and even wearable jacket. So bring out the creative ninja and put that old keyboard to use.



e-waste dress14. E-waste Dresses
Yes with some knowledge of material and sewing you can use old wires to create a new dress. Here is a colorful dress made from old wires. Don’t worry there is no charge running in the wires so person wearing this will be safe. Some fashion designers have also used old, not in use wires and metals to create pretty wearable dresses. Well, this is another type of a wearable gadget.




CD 55. CDs repurposed
Using CDs one can create beautiful ornaments, photo frames, and other decoration pieces for Christmas. Just make sure that things can be sharp so you need to be careful with the breaking process if required. Due to its shining property CDs will mingle best with décor items of anyone’s Christmas décor.






By looking at the availability of the old electronics and by considering the needs and taste of your loved ones, you can create unique gifts for them. Such gifts will spread awareness about the need to utilize electronics even after they become obsolete. If you have any other ideas for upcycling your eWaste, make sure you share them in the comment section.