Don’t Just Trash Your Electronics, Recycle it Right: Guide to Recycling Your E-Waste

So you’ve got yourself a new smartphone. Now, what’s going to happen to the old one? Will you just let it lie around in one of your drawers? For that matter, what about the old PC you have lying around in the attic gathering dust? What do you plan to do with it? You’re probably thinking of selling it to your local scrap dealer, right. Great!! You’ve just added your bit to polluting the planet.

E-waste or electronic waste isn’t like ordinary waste, and needs to be recycled and disposed in a different manner. Components in electronic gadgets contain many hazardous elements, which if not disposed or recycled in the proper manner, will harm and pollute the eco-system and have adverse effect on the human body.

So if you have any old electronics lying about at home or if you are planning to get rid of old gadgets that you no longer use, don’t just trash it. Recycle your e-waste properly. Let’s take a look at some effective guidelines.


Recycle Your E-Waste: Step-by-Step Guide

If you wish to get rid of your old electronics without harming the environment, follow this step by step guide to recycle your e-waste right.


Don’t dump your old electronics in the garbage bin: Never trash your old electronics in the garbage bin. If the toxic elements from your old electronics end up in the landfill, they will eventually seep into the ecosystem and lead to soil pollution. On the other hand if the e-waste you dump in the garbage can is burnt by scrap dealers, it will release several toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Donate for reuse: Just because your gadget is old doesn’t mean it’s useless. It is reusable. Say for instance, you have an old desktop lying around, which you don’t use anymore. Instead of just letting it be or just simply trashing it, you could look for a reputable charitable organization where you could donate it for reuse. However, do make sure that the organization where you donate your old electronics are credible and are putting the items to good use.

Find a responsible e-waste recycler: Research and find a responsible e-waste recycler. Look up their credentials and check how they recycle their e-waste. The best e-waste recyclers like Attero, recycle their e-waste using state of the art technology, in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Recycle your mobile phone: Mobile phones are one of the most used electronic gadgets today and contribute a major portion to today’s e-waste stream. If you have any old mobile phones lying about, you could easily have them recycled., a portal of Attero allows you to recycle your old mobile phones with just a click of your mouse. What’s better, you even get paid for your old mobile phone.


It doesn’t take much to do your part – just follow these steps to recycle your e-waste right.