Every Day is Earth Day: Ten Things to Do

Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and here are ten things that you could do to make Earth Day more fun and take this Earth Day beyond the Earth Day!!!

1. Shout out Loud

Wear Green or Brown colours and show your support for your planet this Earth Day. If you were looking for a reason to go shopping then you may add green or brown to your list. You could even look for Earth Day T-shirts online – there are various options available. Whatever you buy just make sure it is eco-friendly and organic. Pick your favorite and flaunt it everywhere you go. Let the world know that you care about your home, your Earth. 

2. Educate Yourself & Others

You must have heard terms like Carbon Footprint, Greenhouse Gas emissions, Global Warming, Resource Depletion, Sustainability and many more. Some of them sound familiar while others not so familiar. Well, Earth Day is the day to learn and educate others about all the issues the Earth is struggling with and the measures one can take to help it recover.

3. Cleaning

Keeping the environment clean is very good for the health of Earth and people living on it. Clean your house; get rid of the clutter that has been eating all the space in your garage and racks. You could also encourage people in your society and start a drive to get rid of your waste responsibility and work together to make your locality more green and beautiful. Also make sure you and your friends take all the required precautions like wearing gloves and masks.

4. Repair, Reuse and Repurpose

Cleaning out the closet will bring out many things that you once loved but no longer use. Many of them would probably be in usable conditions. You could consider reusing them or even repurposing them by making few changes like adding some cuts or glitter to your old clothes. Consider repairing and reusing the items that don’t work anymore. Repairing, reusing and repurposing are a great way to increase the value of your money and also helps conserve the earth’s resources.

 5. Donate

If you can’t reuse your old stuff, consider donating it to those who need it as long as the things are useful and in working condition. These must be things that work properly and yet are of no use to you; hand them over to someone who can value them and utilize them.

6. Recycle

If you are done with repair, reuse and donating, and are still left with stuff you need to get rid of, consider recycling. Apart from old clothes and regular garbage, people also have other sorts of waste always lying in their closets. And in this digital age, all of us have some form of electronic waste lying about – maybe it’s your old mobile phone, a blender that doesn’t work anymore, or a bunch of chargers, etc. Never throw it away with regular garbage or sell it to local scrap dealers. This is important because e-waste contains numerous toxins which need to be disposed in an environmentally safe manner. Always make sure that you recycle your old electronics responsibly and safely with authorized e-waste recyclers.

7. Go Green

You may like greenery and want to spend some time with nature but were never able to take out time to indulge your passion. Well, it’s about priorities. Take out time this Earth Day, make it your priority to plant some trees and let flowers blossom. Even if you don’t have a garden, try setting up a small one with potted plants in your balcony or ledge. Involve your children and help them build good eco-friendly habits.

8. Purchase & Promote Green Products

Many people check calories and fat while purchasing stuff as they care about their health. Now care about the health of Earth and start checking if the product you are purchasing is an eco-friendly product. It is a smart way to buy and also push big organizations to go green and eco-friendly. Use your consumer power to save Earth.

9. Save Energy

Our addiction to fossil fuels is proving to be an unhealthy habit for the earth, primarily due to the carbon emissions produced. More importantly, these fossil fuel energy resources are limited, so it is important that we consume these resources sparingly and efficiently. Car pooling is one good way to do so. It will not only help you save fuel but also money, as well as help reduce the amount of pollution due to burning of fossil fuels. Consider using public transport wherever possible or even ride your cycle or walk down depending on the distances you need to cover. It will keep you, your pocket as well as your planet healthy. Remember to switch off lights and appliances when not in use, as this will help save electricity produced by the combustion of fossil fuels as well as help reduce carbon and GHG emissions associated with the process.

10. Make Everyday Earth Day

Don’t let the calendar prevent you from celebrating Earth Day in your everyday life. Add these eco-friendly habits in your daily schedule and make it a habit to clean, de-clutter, plant, reduce, reuse & recycle. Inculcate these habits in your kids as well since they will be the ones inheriting this Earth from you and they must learn to take care of the planet too.


Have fun celebrating Earth Day!!