Mobile  phones are recognized as an essential electronic gadget for telecommunication throughout the world. Rapid technological advancements along with addition of new features lead to the miniaturization thus, frequent replacements resulting in enormous disposal of obsolete cell phones in various waste streams. It has become a challenging concern for environmentalists because of improper disposal.
Many components of cell phones like Printed Circuit Board, Liquid Crystal Display, Plastic Housing, Battery and other Metallic parts contain various toxins including heavy metals and impart serious hazards to the environment. Further, the contained toxic metals (such as lead, cadmium, nickel, manganese etc.), when released from cell phones on exposure to adverse acidic conditions poses dangerous health impacts on all bios including human beings. However, the Printed Circuit Boards are the most hazardous component of the Cell phone, contains plentitude of these heavy metals.
The potential impacts can be both acute and chronic. Current need of the hour is to effectively handle electronic waste. Atterobay takes the responsibility of not only handling the electronic waste effectively but also provides VALUE for the old mobile phone.
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