Fort Bragg, California, boasts of something very unusual – a beach strewn with colorful smooth pebble sized glass pieces, known as the Glass Beach. Looking at this strange and awe inspiring beach, no one would ever imagine that all this beauty actually came out of the dumps, with a little help from nature.

Mother Nature transformed what was locally known as ‘The Dumps’ into what is now the Glass Beach. Residents of the Fort Bragg community used to trash their household garbage, including glass, home appliances and even old vehicles in the Dumps. In 1967, the shore area was closed and various cleanup programs were carried out.

Over the next few decades, Nature cleaned up the beach, breaking down everything and tumbling glass and pottery into small smooth colourful pieces. After years of these broken bottles and glass being polished against pebbles and stones, the entire shore is now a surreal rainbow made up of coloured polished glass.

However, Mother Nature can’t always clean up our mess like she did with the Glass Beach in California. Sometimes we need to clean up our own mess.

With new technology and new gadgets being launched every single day, the menace of e-waste is approaching alarming proportions. We need to play an active and more responsible role as consumers. Every time, we buy a new gadget or electronic appliance, we need to ensure that the old one is recycled properly. E-waste needs to be recycled and disposed in the right manner to prevent pollution and other hazardous consequences. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can’t do anything about it – it’s us who will have to take the necessary steps.

Be a responsible electronics consumer! Recycle your E-Waste!!