Have you recently upgraded to iPhone 5 or planning to get one soon? What are you going to do with your Old Phone? Are you going to dump it in your drawer, let it lie in some corner of your cupboard or sell it off to a local mobile dealer? Why not give a new life to your Old Mobile? Yes, your old cell can be put to use again and can earn you money too! That’s not all, you can also help the environment!!

E-waste is one of the biggest problems of today’s fast paced technology. If you let your old handsets just lie around, they are bound to end up in landfills or in the informal scrap sector, where the toxic components in the electronics will eventually seep into our ecosystem and destroy it.

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Atterobay also accepts non-working mobile phones and recycles them, so if you have any of them lying around, just get them out and sell it off to Atterobay. We will take your cell phone and recycle it properly in the most eco-friendly manner. Well what are you waiting for? Go look for your old mobile handsets.