iphone-6Either you want to get your hands on the new iPhone 6 or already got one, don’t forget about your old smartphone. Your closet or your drawer is not the place for your old phone. Don’t let that old phone just gather dust, add to the world’s eWaste pile, and cause environmental pollution and health hazards!! The best way to go about it is to either resell the phone so it can be further reused, instead of ending up in the landfill, or recycle it responsibly so it doesn’t harm the planet. And the money you earn from your old smartphone can very well add to the amount you will be shelling out for the new iPhone 6.

Reselling and Recycling Your Old Phone – Things to Remember
There are many companies that will take your old phone for reselling and/or recycling. However, don’t opt for just any recycler. Look for authorized/certified recyclers, as this will:
• Ensure data security
• Ensure that you get the right amount for your old smartphone
• Ensure environmentally safe and responsible recycling
• Lower your carbon footprint
Ensure Data Security: Data security is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to giving away your old phone. There are many hackers and techno experts with the ability to recover deleted data from discarded or improperly disposed phones. This is why it is not safe to hand over your old phone to local scrap dealers or just any shopkeeper. Certified or authorized recyclers like Atterobay that accept old phones for proper disposal will provide you with documents confirming the resale of your old phone while ensuring data security, and eco-friendly disposal.
Make Easy Money: Since you want to get your hands on Apple’s iPhone 6, some extra money can always be helpful. Atterobay pays for your old phone based on its condition, and you can use the amount while purchasing your new smartphone.
Help the Environment: The increasing amount of pollution from eWaste is harmful for the environment as well as all living beings. Dumping old electronics in landfills is highly toxic and hazardous, as toxins from eWaste are released into the environment over time. By ensuring reuse or responsible disposal of your old phone and electronics through a certified recycler you can help keep eWaste out of the landfill. Also, recycling your old phone helps the recovery of reusable metals and other raw material, which can further be utilized for manufacturing new products, thereby reducing your Carbon Footprint.
So what better way to get the new iPhone 6 and help the environment too? Grab your old smartphone, and visit Atterobay.com to make money, stay secure and cut down eWaste pollution!!