The festival of lights Diwali is here, and all of us are probably busy with preparations and decorations. Well let’s do something different this Diwali – instead of buying Diwali lights this year and adding to the world’s e-waste, we suggest you try out these DIY upcycling tricks to light up and decorate your home. So put on your creativity cap and go green with these lighting options.

Pendant Light1. CDs transformed to Pendant Light
Most of us would probably still have quite a few CDs lying about in our drawers and closets. Well, this Diwali, clean out all those e-waste CDs and create a pendant light.


Material Required
• CDs
• Driller
• Tie-wraps
• Light bulb or CFL


How to Create a CD Pendant Light:

Keep two CDs aside. Drill two holes in the rest of the CDs in opposite direction. Connect all the CDs with each other using a tie-wrap. Make sure that CDs are tied tightly and neatly. Make sure that you form the circles while connecting the CDs using tie-wrap, not afterwards. Put the light inside the CD sphere before tying last pair of CDs. One may replace CDs with other stuff at home. Just ensure you have the tools to give them required shape and things to tie them properly. For more details and pictures click here.



Can Light2. Can Light
You must have seen other versions of this kind of lighting designs. The best part is, creating this sort of a design requires minimum effort and material and still looks amazing.


Material Required

• Tin can
• Paint (spray paint or any other form)
• Driller
• Light bulb or CFL


How to Create a Can Light:

Wipe and clean the ‘can’ properly. Mark holes on the can using a sketch pen. Try to keep the holes at equal distances. You may increase or decrease the number of holes depending on the lighting pattern of your choice. If you want to keep it dim, drill lesser holes. For bright light drill more holes. Paint the can completely using spray paints in colors of your choice. You can even customize the lamp by using paint to create Diwali icons, designs and patterns.



Disposable Cup Sphere Lamp3. Disposable Cup Sphere Lamp

Usually people purchase disposal cups in bulk, thinking that they will be used in future. After sometime, we usually forget the cups, while they lie around getting dusty. Well, you don’t have to throw them away. Here is a way to use them innovatively to create a lamp.


Materials Required
• Disposable Cups
• Stapler
• Scissors
• Glue
• Light bulb or CFL


How to Create the Disposable Cup Sphere Lamp:

Begin with removing the bottom of the cups. Stick them adjacent to each other so that they form a circle, using either glue or stapler. While doing so, try to keep the tops of the cup at even heights. Put the light at the center of this circle. You may also use colorful lights, green, blue, etc. You may create one big chandelier or numerous small light balls, whichever, goes best with your décor. For more details and images, click here.



Pom Pom Lights4. Pom Pom Lights for your Balcony
One can easily see number of circular colorful lights hanging across everyone’s balconies during Diwali. Well you can make them yourself by using old shopping bags and dome shaped lids of plastic cups.


Material Required

• Lids of Plastic Cups
• Transparent or Translucent shopping bags
• Scissors
• Double Sided Tape


How to Create Pom Pom Lights:
Use two dome shaped plastic lids. Keep them together forming a ball. Stick them together using a double sided tape around the joint. Fold the shopping bag in a form that when you hold it with one edge only, it looks like a fan. Stick these fan shaped plastics on the tape. Pop an LED light inside the Pom Pom ball and hang it anywhere you want. For more details and images click here.



Plastic Bottle Chandelier5. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

There are always multiple plastic bottles lying around in almost every house and every week we find some addition to this collection. Sometimes people store them thinking that they might come handy in future. However, the collection keeps on growing and ultimately sees the trash can. Well, here is a good way to utilize them in an artistic way and light up your Diwali.


Material Required

• Plastic bottles
• Scissors
• LEDs or CFL bulbs
• Needle
• Plastic Wire (thin)


How to Create a Plastic Bottle Chandelier:
Collect all old plastic soft drink and water bottles. Chop off the bottom neatly. These chopped off pieces need to be sanded and tagged together. Use a thick and pointed needle to pierce through the plastic and then tag them together using a thin plastic wire. Give them shape and length which suits the rest of your home’s décor and your amazing Plastic Bottle Chandelier is ready. For more details and images click here.



These are just a few ways to make beautiful Diwali lights using usual craft materials like glue, tape, scissor and something from the store room or your trash. As there are no limitations on creativity, you can come up with your own light pieces for decoration. Share how your DIY adventures turned out for you in the comment section.