Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the newest offering in premium smartphone segment. In a race to produce the slimmest, stylish and most beautiful phones, smartphone manufacturers are going gung ho to exceed any limits.

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With the launch of its new smartphone, Samsung has also jumped into the bandwagon of non-removable battery smartphones. With the battery deep rooted between midframe and motherboard and glued to the inner surface of the screen, it’s become virtually impossible for a normal user to change the battery of phone. iFixit gave it a very poor reparability rating of 3 out of 10.


There were 1.75 billion smartphone users in 2014 and the figure is expected to surpass 2 billion in 2015. A massive number of smartphones are poised to generate huge amount of eWaste. Decreased reusability and reparability of phones has catalyzed the existing problem.


Environmentally Not Smart


While gadget freaks are hailing Samsung for introducing non-removable battery in its flagship phone as it makes the phone look stunningly sleek, from an environmental perspective, it can be seen as a major flaw. Here is why:


  • Planned Obsolescence: A non-removable battery and glued glass panel have made it very tough to replace the battery or repair in case of any malfunction. A lot of rare and precious earth metals go into the making of internal circuitry of a smartphone and mining them is a highly carbon intensive process. Discarding gadgets unnecessarily or before their actual end of life means wasting our resources.


  • Increase eWaste: Gadgets reaching their end of life directly add up to the eWaste generated. It has become tough and complicated to repair newer smartphones due to design constraints and planned obsolescence.  Lifespan of phones have deteriorated very much in past few years and more phones are getting dumped every day.


We have witnessed serious innovations to achieve excellent outer designs for a good looking gadget but now it is crucial to have designs that can be repaired and reused easily to address the problem of eWaste and sustainability. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can be seen as a design and technological marvel; but it will only catalyze the existing problem of eWaste.