Are you looking for best deals and the best place to sell your mobile online? Then, you are at the right place!

But before going further, a must read on the following facts, which you may not be aware of:-

  1. Electronic footprint shoots up minute by minute globally, which would be the major source of pollution in this decade.
  2. Mobile phones, Smart Phones and now Tablet PC’s would be the major contributor of electronic pollution.
  3. India’s rapidly growing economy generates more than 500,000 tons of electronic waste every year, a number expected to reach 1 million tons by 2012.
  4. The obsolete computer and cell phone parts are dismantled, refurbished and recycled manually by hundreds of thousands of unorganized villagers across the country which is harmful and cause diseases like cancer.
  5. Recycling of Mobile Phones is possible and is the only way to save the earth.

Now I hope that you must be aware of the fact that how harmful is selling your used mobile phone to a local dealer or to give it to a local Scrap dealer (Kabadiwala), you are in a way contributing to the E-Waste problem in India. So instead of piling up the unused electronic waste, go for the recycling process.

There’s good news: You can save the earth by recycling the phone and can get paid for that!

But, How?

Atterobay provides you with excellent solution to dispose-off or sell their old Mobile, Old Laptops, Old computers, Old iPods, etc.  Unused electronic items and also get value for that in cash or vouchers.  Atterobay not only gives you cash or voucher for your old unused mobile phones but we also plant a tree for every device recycled which eventually is maintained and sustained by Attero. Also you need not wait for long and follow hectic procedures to complete selling.

The simple process to recycle your old mobile phone is:

  • Search for your phone using the manufacturer or model number.
  • Upload phone details on along with personal details
  • The mobile would be picked up from the comfort of your home.
  • Get a quote from us depending on the age and current state of your phone.
  • Receive your payment within 4 weeks from the time your phone is picked from your residence/office.

May be you doubt if your mobile phones can be sold, since it is broken or damaged or does not power on. Never mind. Almost all handsets can be sold unless it’s completely crushed into pieces or other exceptional situations. However, the value for working models and non-working or damaged devices might vary.