Being one of the vital communication tools, mobile phones are used by almost every individual nowadays. A whopping 87 percent of the world’s population is using cell phones according to the International Telecommunication Union. They are needed and loved by us so much that we don’t think twice before frequently upgrading to a newer model and tossing out the obsolete ones to gather dust. Regular advancements in technology, along with planned obsolescence and dipping prices play a major role in increasing mobile e-waste around the globe. According to a recent report titled “Recycling – From e-waste to Resources” by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), in some countries like India, the amount of e-trash could rise by as much as 500 percent over the next decade.

Many electronic components including mobile devices contain numerous hazardous materials and other toxic contaminants. When older gadgets and e-waste end up in incinerators and landfills, these hazardous substances leak into our atmosphere, soil or groundwater. Recycling mobile phones and other electronics is the best option to keep a strict check on it. But in spite of our society being comfortable with the idea of e-waste recycling we are still fairly unaware of the various other social, environmental and financial benefits it can provide. Some of them include:

  • Environment protection
  • Energy conservation
  • Cutting down on clutter
  • Reuse it for a noble cause
  • Financial perks


Environment Protection

The first and the most important advantage of recycling your obsolete mobile phone is that it helps the environment. We are generally uninformed of the environmental and health effects of the toxic materials that are present in our mobile phones. The list is very comprehensive and contains some potentially harmful materials like Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Beryllium Oxide, Cadmium, Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) etc. Recycling an old cell phone protects the environment by preventing the emission of its toxins into the air, soil or water.

Energy Conservation

We are all surrounded by mobile devices which give optimum utility when new but could prove to be quite hazardous when discarded improperly. Their printed wire boards, lead connectors and other circuits are generally made up of various precious and scarce metals like Copper, Palladium, Aluminium, Zinc, Tin, Gold, Coltan etc. Being rare, these metals have to be mined and processed rigorously which in turn consumes a lot of energy. Mobile phone recycling comes in handy at this point as recycling a phone consumes comparatively less amount of energy. The precious metals reclaimed from recycling can be reused again, thereby putting less pressure on the earth’s resources as well as helping in energy conservation.


Cutting Down On Clutter

With today’s ever-changing mobile technology, the average life of a mobile phone has dropped down drastically to about just more than a year. And most of the times, if our old mobile phones don’t end up in landfills, they usually land up in some dark drawer to be used as a back-up device in case of emergencies. But the reality is quite different – we hardly use them, resulting in unnecessary clutter. Recycling such e-waste helps us to overcome these situations. It not only cuts down on the gadget clutter taking up valuable space in our homes but can also be financially rewarding.

Reuse it for a Noble Cause

Many individuals across the globe might not be as fortunate to own a cell phone, as you are. Donating your working phones through various recycling programs can help the noble cause of charity in a great way. Its far better to let someone less fortunate make good use of your old device rather than making it spend rest of its life in the dark ‘lifeless’ drawers of your desk.

Financial Perks

Have you ever thought of getting your cell phone recycled and be paid cash against it? If your answer is a ‘No’ then you should really give it a second thought. Unlike many other e-waste recycling processes, recycling your old mobile phone could be financially profitable as well. Old, working and even non-working phones are packed with a lot of reusable electrical/electronic components and valuable metals, which can be refurbished and the phone can be sold in the domestic as well as international markets. This reusability factor adds a certain value to your old-fashioned device as recyclers are willing to pay cash against such phones.

From the above points we can clearly see that getting your outdated phone recycled is an environment-friendly, socially satisfying and a financially profitable option. So, go ahead and recycle your old mobile phone! Help save the environment.