Recycle your Old Mobile Phone

E-waste is the fastest growing category of waste all over the world. It is one of the most hazardous wastes harming Earth and it’s inhabitants. Old cell phones play a substantial role here. One can avoid contributing towards the rising mountains of e-waste by recycling their cell-phones properly. If your phone is broken beyond repair or if its just lying in the closet and you can’t decide what to do with it, here is a suggestion – “Recycle It


Below is the list of reasons why you must recycle your old mobile phones -


1. Cannot be Dumped with Regular Garbage

Cell Phones may contain various hazardous materials like Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, etc.

Dumping it with regular garbage might take it to the landfill where these toxins can find it’s way into the eco-system, harming the environment and people living in the vicinity.


2. Recovery of Valuable Resources

Along with lead , mercury and other toxic materials, mobile phones also contain some valuable metals like Gold, Copper, etc. One must not waste these precious materials as there is a huge market for them. Urban mining e-waste to recover these resources from old discarded electronics can help cut down mining activities, which is responsible for affecting the environment adversely. Recovering these precious resources from old mobile phones is an environment friendly way of meeting the demand for such metals.


3. Recycling Responsibly will keep your Data Safe

Throwing cell phone or selling it to local store or informal recycler may lead to personal data infringement. Your phone may contain a lot of personal information, such as bank details, account details etc., which can be misused. Handing it over to a certified e-waste recycler who ensure data security will keep your data safe from falling into wrong hands and prevent incidents of identity theft, unauthorized transactions etc.


4. Get paid for Recycling your old phone

Here is the economic benefit of recycling, many e-waste recylers offer consumers value for their old phones. They take your phone, evaluate it’s value and pay in cash or vouchers accordingly. Some of them also provides pick-up facility from your door-step.


5. Go Green: The least you can do to save the environment!

You surely don’t want to harm the environment and recycling will help you to save it. Recycling mobile phone responsibly is the most eco-friendly way to dispose it. Every single person is capable of making a difference and this can be your way to Go Green.

Atterobay is India’s leading online platform that allows consumers to recycle their old phones while also giving them value for it. Consumers can order pickups for their old phone by visiting and have their phones right from their doorstep for recycling. Atterobay also offers 100% Data Destruction facilities so consumers can rest assured that their data will never be misused. So clean-up your closets, get rid of your old cell-phones and make some money.