It is the generation of us eco-friendly geeks. We want comfort and need speed without impacting the environment. We want to reduce our carbon footprint in a convenient way. Here is a list of the top 10 Green Gadgets that can make life easier without harming the environment.



EG11. Water Driven Clocks


These are easy to carry, pocket clocks that runs on water – some on tap water while others on salted water. There are a number of brands like Bedol and Gromo to name a few who produce a range of water driven clocks. They have electric plates that generate its own electricity to run an electrical clock. You can carry it wherever you travel and set alarms without ever worrying about running out of battery. Fill it up once and it will run non-stop for quite a long duration. Since it doesn’t run on batteries you needn’t worry about disposing the batteries or harming the environment.

EG22. USB-powered rechargeable batteries
Globally 15 billion disposable alkaline batteries are produced every year. It’s time to reduce this number by replacing these disposable batteries with these USB powered rechargeable batteries These batteries work like regular everyday batteries with two additional benefits. One can keep on reusing them – they run up to 500 charge cycles, and these can be recharged just by connecting its USB to any appropriate device like a laptop. It’s a smart buy because it’s eco-friendly, portable and reusable.



3. Energy-Efficient External Hard Drive



Everything about this Hard Drive displays the traits of an environmentalist. It’s built from bamboo and recyclable aluminum, which makes it light weight. It features an energy saving adapter which keeps files safe and consumes less energy. The list of it being green doesn’t end here – even the packaging is recyclable. It comes with 500 GB of storage space, turbo USB 2.0 and virtually zero noise output.



EG44. Portable Eco-Friendly Speakers From Fashionation


This is for those, who want to celebrate anywhere, anytime. These speakers are eco-friendly as they are made of recycled cardboard and hence also quite light in weight. They can be flat folded, which coupled with its light weight makes them really portable. For those who prefer life to be colorful, Fashionation comes in catchy rainbow colors as well. Connect it with any device of your choice be it a mobile or a laptop and Boom! Party begins!!



EG55. The Energy Generating Rocking Chair


Rock it to Charge it! Yes, this is the chair you need to rock if you want to charge your phone or any other electronic device. Designed by Ryan Klinger this chair collects the kinetic energy generated by the rocking of the chair. The chair consists of tubes, a gearbox, a DC generator, a voltage controller and lithium battery. The blue LED indicates the generation of energy and red LED shows that energy has been stored. This energy is further converted by a DC/AC inverter. This energy can be utilized by any regular standard USB. To add to the eco-friendliness of this device the whole chair has been manufactured using recycled material.


EG66. Solar Light Caps

Here is an electrical fashion trend also called the self-charging headlamp. This cap features a solar panel, two bright LEDs and a battery. The solar panel on the hood generates power when you’re out in the sun and converts it to light in the dark. A cleverly designed wearable lamp, this is perhaps another step towards wearable tech.




7. H2O Powered Shower Radio


EG7If you are one of those people who just need some music in the shower, you must have already heard of shower radios. One thing we dislike about these radios is the use of batteries, which ultimately pollutes the environment. Now, water powered radios provide the solution – it lets you enjoy music while minimizing your carbon footprint. This gadget uses water pressure from the user’s shower/tap to create energy. An internal water jet system runs an integrated turbine to generate energy, which powers the radio.



8. Nest Thermostat



The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmable Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. It optimizes heating and cooling for homes and offices to conserve energy. It is a self-learning device, which optimizes temperature on the basis of living habits of people. It reduces your carbon footprint in most convenient and comfortable ways. Initially for first few weeks you will have to regulate the device while leaving the house or sleeping and so on. After sometime it starts memorizing the pattern and will start regulating itself as per your pattern. If your settings are eco-friendly the device will display green leaf.



9. Soladey J3X Toothbrush



Tooth brushes are something you start your morning with. Why not get up with the feeling of being kind to the environment? Soladey J3X toothbrush is a solar powered tooth brush, which cleans the teeth through a chemical reaction in the mouth – and this works better on plaque in comparison to the conventional brush paste combination. The solar panel on the handle generates electrons when light falls on it. These electrons travel with the lead towards the bristles. From bristles they move inside the mouth with the saliva and clean out plaque.



10. Shakeup Torch


EG10Shakeup Torch is a mechanically powered torch – utilizing muscle power for charging the device. It does not require batteries or any other electric power resource, makes it an eco-friendly device. It contains a linear electrical generator. When shaken it charges the ultra-capacitor in the torch, which powers the LED.


Well, this was our list of Green Gadgets for Techy environmentalists. If you think we’ve missed any eco-friendly device, feel free to share in the comment section. And, don’t forget to recycle your gadgets when they reach their end-of-life.