Did you know your old electronics contain TOXIC CHEMICALS!

Did you know e-waste is slowly poisoning the planet!

Don't trash your old electronics!!DROP OFF Your E-waste HEREFor Safe and Eco-Friendly RECYCLING!!

Attero is excited to announce the Clean E-India E-waste Collection Drive. A collaboration between Attero, India's largest electronic asset management company and International Finance Corporation, a part of the World Bank, the Clean E-India Initiative aims to raise awareness about e-waste hazards and offers consumers a SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY way of RECYCLING E-WASTE.

The intent of this event is to promote eco-friendly recycling and reuse of electronics to ensure a future safe from the hazards of e-waste.


Take part in the event and help prevent harm to the environment from polluting e-waste! Just drop off all your old, broken down electronics at one of Attero's E-Waste Collection Boxes and we will recycle them in a responsible and safe manner, without harming the environment!

What happens to the electronics we collect?

Each electronic appliance is sent to our state of the art recycling facility in Roorkee, where they are processed and responsibly recycled using safe environmentally friendly technology.

Let us help protect the environment by keeping e-waste out of landfills. Recycle!!!

Log on to and to know more about how you can responsibly recycle e-waste to help the environment.

What we collect?

Material List Unit of Measurement
TV BW Piece
TV Color Piece
AC 1.5T Piece
AC 1.0T Piece
LCD/ LED/ Plasma Piece
Desktop Piece
CPU Piece
Monitor Piece
Mobiles Piece
Laptop Piece
Refrigerator (upto 180 litres) Piece
Refrigerator (180 to 350 litres) Piece
Refrigerator (above 350 litres) Piece
Microwave Piece
Washing Machine (semi automatic) Piece
Washing Machine (automatic) Piece
Washing Machine (Top loading) Piece
Geyser/ Kitchen Mixer Kg
Printer/ Fax machine / Copier Kg
Stabilizer/ UPS Kg
Other Electronic Waste (Tape, Radio, Speaker, VCR, DVD, Keyboard, Mouse) Kg

What we collect?