Retail Solution for Surplus Electronics - Gobol

Attero sells its refurbished products under the brand, Gobol. A first of its kind online platform, Gobol was launched as a means of providing a direct retail sales channel for refurbished and surplus electronics inventory, and bringing these products directly within the reach of the end consumer.The retail solution provided throughGobol benefitsboth the manufacturers and the consumers, as OEMs and brands get an exclusive organized channel where they can sell their inventory in a transparent manner to consumers who benefit from access to such products at great prices.

Refurbished & Surplus Electronics Inventory

Electronics from Attero’s refurbishing operations are forwarded to Gobol for sale as a means of promoting reuse of electronics. Apart from refurbished electronics Gobol also features surplus inventory, as well as including products from the factory second and carton damaged inventory, which form a significant part of the production of consumer durables, mobiles and IT industry.These kinds of electronics inventory are functional and as good as new and the reason they are classified differently is because they have been returned to the manufacturer. The reasons for return vary from consumers frequently exchanging or upgrading toa new product or not liking the quality, to technical issues. As a result such products cannot be sold as new. The market for such products is highly fragmented and dominated by unorganized players. On being returned by the retailer, such surplus stock will either sit in the OEM’s warehouse or be sold to sellers in the unorganized sector. .

The problem with the unorganized sector is that the surplus inventory ends up competing with the OEMs’ brand new inventory in the market. Moreover, consumers buying such products from the unorganized market aren’t communicated the right message about the product, nor do they receive the price benefits associated with such products.

Through Gobol we are helping build an organized market for the sales of refurbished and surplus inventory. It will provide a transparent platform, where consumers are aware of the right price for the kind of product they are buying – something which was missing prior to the launch of Gobol.

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