Attero has been working actively to set up an effective take back program for efficient management of end of life electronics. To ensure that such electronics are collected efficiently and from as many consumers as possible, Attero has set up a number of electronics take back operations:

E-waste Awareness Programs & Collection Drives

Attero regularly organizes E-waste Awareness Programs and Collection Drives aimed at raising public awareness about the hazards associated with end of life electronics and facilitating collection of e-waste. These Awareness Programs and Collection Drives are carried out in residential societies, educational institutionsand corporate organizations, where consumers are informed through interactive presentations about the various forms of electronic waste, its effects on the environment and the human body, and the necessity of its safe and eco-friendly disposal. Consumers are also informed about what steps and measures they can take to ensure safe recycling of their electronics. Attero’s E-waste Collection Boxes are placed in various locations as part of the event. Once the Awareness Programs are over, participants are encouraged to deposit their old, broken down, end of life electronics in Attero’s E-waste Collection Boxes for environmentally responsible disposal and recycling. After the collection, the collected electronicsare transported to Attero’s state of the art facility for processing.

Online Take Back Solution - Atterobay

Atterobay is a one-of-a-kind online re-commerce platform where consumers can sell their gadgets like mobile phones, smartphones and tablets at the best price. It promotes recycling and re-use of electronic gadgets through environment-friendly ways and provides a very convenient solution for consumers to help them sell their gadgets, while also helping do their bit for the planet.

Clean E-India Initiative

The Clean E-India Initiative was launched by Attero with the aim to set up an all inclusive integrated take back program for old electronics and spread awareness about e-waste. The take back program is designed to take into its fold all stakeholders involved in the electronics lifecycle, right from OEMs to the informal sector, where most of the e-waste ends up. Atterohas been working closely with the unorganized sector to establish an organized e-waste collection network for collecting old electronics from consumers. After tying up with Attero, workers from the informal recycling sector, like rag pickers will utilize their already existing channels to visit consumers and collect end of life elctronics directly from their homes for environmentally safe and responsible disposal. Attero also provides training to workers in the unorganized sector, to facilitate adoption of eco-friendly techniques of disposing and recycling electronic waste. Setting up such an all inclusive end to end integrated take back program will benefit all stakeholders - OEMs benefit as they can focus on their core business, the informal sector benefits as it become a part of the legitimate electronicsreverse supply chain,workers benefit from improved working conditions and standards of living, and finally, the environment and the community benefit from eco-friendly management of electronic waste and prevention of pollution.

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