E-waste mining is a radical solution for dealing with the glut of old computers, cell phones, DVDs and other electronic waste.

  • Organisations should act more responsibility when approving and implementing recycling initiatives.
  • It is essential to promote sustainability of technology as the culture of the organization, thereby increasing redundancy cycles of equipment and lowering your e-waste footprint.
  • A mandate on how the E-waste in your organisation is handled, with an auditory system to implement the same.
  • Only give your E-waste to authorized recyclers who process your E-waste in Zero Dumping technologies.
  • Insist on requisite documentation or certification from the vendor who manages your E-waste.
  • Have a take-back policy and close the loop with recycling.
  • Undertake E-waste accounting. If it's not measured, it cannot be managed. There should be a tracking system for the e-waste being generated in the organisation.
  • Explore the potential of establishing Sustainable Organisation Industry Partners.
  • Develop learning materials and education programs to address sustainability and E-waste issues within the organisation and develop a green office program to address the E-waste issue. green offices,programmes,e-cycle,recycle,organization
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