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Attero’s Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Technology

Lithium-ion batteries are gaining importance due to their high energy density, which gives higher output for a longer time. While they were first developed for portable electronics, they are now commonly used in a variety of applications. They are now an integral part of electric cars, power tools, medical devices, smart watches, drones, satellites, and utility-scale storage.

Why effective Lithium-ion battery recycling is required?

The increasing demand for portable electronics has led to the increased use of lithium-ion batteries. At present, over 50% of the operational portable electronic devices are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Due to this high usage of lithium-ion batteries, it is essential to know the advantages, disadvantages and best practices to recycle them.

1. The demand for lithium-ion batteries creates a lot of waste that can harm the environment. 

2. The material demand required for these batteries is ever-increasing, and mining is not enough to meet this demand. Mining is environmentally unstable and impacts our natural resources.

As more and more devices require batteries, the battery requirements become more specific. This divergence of battery designs and sizes presents a challenge to the effective recycling of Li-ion batteries.

How is Attero making a difference?

Attero’s goal is to create a sustainable tomorrow by providing Lithium-ion battery recycling technology in India. Our stringent and sustainable recycling process, combined with cutting-edge green technology, allows us to recover metals from all types of Li-ion batteries.

Attero’s process ensures 100% recovery of valuable metals for reuse in new batteries

Attero extends a 360-degree recycling process, which meets the scale of recycling lithium-ion batteries and ensures zero waste goes to landfill. It includes the collection, logistics, handling and packaging of Lithium-ion batteries. The process ensures complete transparency and tracking to solve end-of-life battery problems.

Attero’s Lithium-ion battery recycling ensures carbon positive circular economy.

1. Unique and patented urban mining technology ensures the extraction of battery elements with 98% efficiency.

2. Extracted materials maintain battery-grade purity.

3. The cell-shape agnostic process offers the ability to recycle Lithium-ion batteries of any shape and size.

4. Ensuring positive environmental impact.

Driven to be a global leader with effective and efficient Lithium-ion battery recycling technology, Attero is paving the way ahead to make India a global Lithium-ion battery recycling hub. Further, it aims to achieve self-reliance in the availability of valuable metals and minerals for producing new batteries locally.