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Li-ion battery recycling

Innovation to cater to The Future

With the ever-rising use of lithium-ion batteries in modern-day electronics, such as portable devices, electric vehicles and grid-scale electronic storage, there’s also a rise in discarded Li-ion batteries. These batteries are both valuable and recyclable, but due to technical, economical and other factors, only 5% are recycled. Also, it is estimated that the eventual rise of li-ion batteries waste is going to be 10-fold more than the current usage. 

Where increasing demand for Li-ion batteries is exponentiality depleting lithium, cobalt and other metals, it has posed many more challenges:

  • 35% CAGR for batteries reaching their end of life
  • 500K Tons of Li-Ion batteries have already reached the end of life
  • The projected Li-Ion battery Production growing 5X by 2030, which amounts to close to 7 Million tons of Li-Ion batteries
  • 3mn Tons of Li-Ion batteries are expected to reach the end of life by 2030
  • 500-700k tons of Manufacturing Waste in 2030 from the current 50K tons
  • 500k Gallons of Water used to Mine 1 Ton of Lithium

Looking at the huge pile of Lithium-ion battery waste numbers and other major impacts, we at Attero see this as a big responsibility and opportunity of revolutionizing li-ion battery recycling. As a NASA recognised technology innovator, we have developed disruptive technology and a state-of-the-art recycling facility for recovering reusable resources from electronic waste in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Our process is an efficient mix of mechanical and hydrometallurgical technologies that ensures low CO2 emissions. 
  • Our recycling processes have a positive impact on the environment and other ESG parameters.
  • We recycle close to 95% of the batteries that come to us.
  • Our process is cell chemistry agnostic- processing LFP, LCO, LTO, and various NMC chemistry cells in India.
  • The process is cell shape and size agnostic, processing battery packs for consumer electronics, telecom towers and EVs.
  • We use patented urban mining technologies.
  • All elements extracted from the Li-Ion batteries with an efficiency of (>98%)
  • We recover valuable metals from the battery, such as lithium, cobalt, manganese and nickel, which can be reintroduced in the circulation to produce new batteries.
  • The metals extracted by Attero are of battery-grade purity. 
  • Attero is building a global capacity of 250K tons of Lithium-Ion battery recycling by 2025, which will grow to 1M tons by 2030.

The Attero Patronage

Our constants - who’ve trusted and invested in our vision to revolutionize how waste is recycled for a sustainable future.

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