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Electronic Waste Reverse Logistics Services in India

Reverse Logistics

Unwanted electronics of today need hauling to revolutionize the future of gadgets and even our planet for tomorrow. To acquire the waste from across the country, the challenge lies in the backward supply chain, which we call Reverse Logistics. End-user here becomes the first point from where the flow of obsolete or unwanted electronics need to start and reach back to us to ensure zero waste to landfill. 

As one of India’s Leading and Largest Electronic Asset Management company, Attero has a highly efficient and extensive reverse logistics network spread across the country and offer an efficient collection of waste Li-ion battery, electronic waste, and everything from end-of-life electronics to seconds or excess inventory.

Some of the key differentiators that make us the trusted and chosen e-waste management company are:

  • Our pan India collection network and spread of warehouses.
  • Strong processes and integrated IT solutions, right from end-to-end tracking, quantity prediction, location and type of material being moved.
  • SD Global Logistics Pvt Ltd is our partner responsible for exemplary Pan India Reverse Logistics Services.
  • Our reverse operations are designed, implemented and managed from different locations for various clients.
  • We offer customized solutions to maximize asset recovery to suit our client’s requirements.
  • We maintain our client’s complete returns management.
  • While we reduce the impact of waste, we also ensure reduction of costs for our partners.

To help us facilitate the efficient collection of electronic waste for you, here’s a glimpse of our presence and expanse pan India.


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