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Recycling Metals, PCB, Solder & Solar Panels

Specialised Recycling

Attero has developed a state-of-art recycling facility to provide sustainable and specialised recycling solutions. Our patented technologies let us achieve up to 100% metal extraction for reuse, making it the most eco-friendly process for driving a circular economy.

Our efficient yet cost-effective processes can recycle the specialised products to the core with minimal wastage. They meet environmental and legislative requirements while maximizing the return s.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)- PCB’s account for a high percentage of the total weight among the components recovered from E-Waste. PCBs contain heavy metal elements and organic matter like resin. If dumped improperly, the chemical residue of PCBs can cause a serious impact on the environment and health. The most critical step in PCB recycling is to separate electronic components from fibreglass composites by removing or degrading organic materials. We recover precious metals like Gold, Palladium and Platinum from the spent PCBs.

Solder- Solder is a mix of oxidized metals and other impurities. Recycling solder also reduces the mining of new metals and is one of the best ways to reduce E-Waste. It leads to a circular economy due to sustainable resource recovery. The new electrolytic process of solder paste recycling can remove both metallic and organic impurities from the lead or the lead-free solder, and solder dross. Efficient solder recycling depends on temperature, agitation and alloy type. This metal can be refined and recycled to create a newsolder bar.

Solar Panels- Solar Power is an integral part of renewable energy. Being cost-effective, it has a high positive impact on the environment.  The effective recycling of solar panels at their end of life will finance the future growth of the solar power industry. Over 96% of the materials recycled can be used towards producing new solar panels. The extracted metals like copper, silver and silicon provide value by saving resources. Constant recovery and recycling can drive Circular Economy, thus helping us generate an economical and sustainable source of power.

Rare Earth Elements - Rare earth elements are crucial in many consumer products such as electronics and automobiles. They have an immense potential for reuse. Recycling rare earth elements like Tellurium, Cadmium, Neodymium, Dysprosium, Praseodymium, and Samarium, provides a steady, domestic source to manufacturers while also reducing waste.

Precious Metal Scrap- We provide eco-efficient recycling and refining services for precious metal bearing materials like consumer and industrial recyclable products. We recover precious metals like Gold, Silver and Palladium from electronics for reuse to minimise costs and save natural resources.

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