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Recycling E waste for a Sustainable Development

Inclusion of Informal Sector

Enabling the waste-picker of today to become an empowered e-captain of tomorrow.
  • India constitutes about 10% of the total waste pickers globally, which equals nearly 15 lakh persons who alone are in the job of picking up waste.
  • By 2026, over 50% of India’s population is expected to live in urban areas, leading to an exponential growth in the quantity of waste generated. 
  • 3-4% of India’s Greenhouse gases originate from inadequate waste management. Without the informal sector, this number would likely have been higher. 

All the above are just a precursor to where we are headed in terms of the effort that is being put in, and will be required, with the exponential rise in e-waste. There are many more reasons and advantages to back the inclusion of the informal sector, as there are challenges too.

The informal sector of the waste management system, those who work at the ground level and are responsible for collecting, sorting, storing and trading various kinds of scrap, form a very significant role in the management of waste. That makes education, awareness, empowerment and inclusion of the informal sector in urban plans of e-waste recycling necessary. To ensure the same, Attero is developing and empowering the informal sector of waste-pickers for inclusive growth by entrusting them to be responsible e-captains, driving growth and sustainability.
CLEAN e-INDIA is one such Attero Initiative that is an integrated e-waste Consumer Take-Back Program to help ensure organized collection, management and recycling of the electronic waste responsibly and sustainably. This initiative connects stakeholders across the value chain including individual & bulk consumers, waste pickers and aggregators. To amass e-waste efficiently and manage end-of-life electronics economically and sustainably.

Carbon Neutrality

Making a responsible choice towards our environment, so that no more carbon is put into the atmosphere than that is already being taken out.

Rapidly advancing technology is making everyday use of electronics and electrical products obsolete. There’s much more going to landfills too soon and effortlessly, in comparison to the efforts and carbon emissions already made to produce those products. While the amount of e-waste generated each year weighs more than commercial airlines produced, and is about 50 million tonnes, out of which only 20% is reported to be recycled responsibly. In other words, e-waste produced annually is worth over $62.5 billion more than the GDP of most countries. The immense quantity of heavy metals going to the landfills is not just adding more toxins to the grounds where these are dumped, but results in more carbon emissions each time a new product is made to meet the new demands.

To be aligned with the Paris Agreement of the UN to limit global warming, Attero- a Pioneer of green-tech is ensuring that zero biodegradable waste goes to landfills. We are committed to end-of-life waste management through reuse, reduction and recycling innovation and implementation.

Leading the change for all who want to move towards a climate-positive future, we offer carbon neutrality services for a more sustainable approach to deal with e-waste.

Carbon Neutrality

Responsible Mineral Sourcing

Prioritizing innocent lives, we ensure the supply of only conflict-free minerals, so no human rights are violated. In pursuit of the same, we are pioneers in urban mining to be a new way forward.

Resource and environment, both need attention to shape our future. Rapidly rising waste, warming of the planet, yet production and never-ending demand of electronics and electricals, need both sourcing of more raw material, while little should be extracted from the nature to attain balance. In such a scenario, it’s the responsibility of leading recyclers like us, who are here to pledge our bit. Attero is proud and committed to the ethical and sustainable sourcing of critical raw materials.

Driven by our motto “It’s not waste until it’s wasted”, we see an opportunity in Urban Mining. Where under stringent regulation and policies, we extract precious, semi-precious and some of the rare metals and reintroduce them in the economy. This closes the loop and addresses the resource scarcity ensuring our customers have the finest and purest minerals. We are happy to contribute responsibly towards our planet and are exploring all possible ways to reuse, recycle and recover from end-of-life e-waste, so we can responsibly source conflict-free and urban-mined resources for our clients that can be green products of tomorrow.

Mineral Sourcing from E-waste

The Attero Patronage

Our constants - who’ve trusted and invested in our vision to revolutionize how waste is recycled for a sustainable future.

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