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Urban Mining - Extracting Conflict Free Precious and Rare Earth Metals from E-Waste

Acing extraction of precious metals at high purity levels and high efficiency, globally.

Every modern-day need of ours is dependent on the resources being mined from the earth. But with frequent upgrades and innovation, every other appliance or gadget in need soon loses its utility and gets outdated, adding up to the ever-increasing pile of electric junk that goes to the landfills.  However, this modern-day waste can itself be put to use for future goods. All the e-waste and li-ion batteries discarded have precious, semi-precious, and rare earth metals that are non-renewable. We at Attero, through our cutting-edge technology, recycle, refine and extract these metals. It is through this process of Urban Mining, we explore ways to build a more sustainable future that relies less on the dug-up mines and more on the already existing minerals and metals found in the urban glut.

Some of the other lesser-known but important advantages of urban mining over traditional mining are:

  • Reducing Emissions & Waste: Recycling is more efficient than extraction of metal and refining them through the traditional mining process. While mining has several environmental hazards, leaving a greater impact for the nature to heal causing ground water pollution, habitat destruction and creates other geological conditions. Recycling on the other hand is less energy-intensive. Also, every year mining produces approximately 300 times more waste than electronics do.
  • Conservation of Resources: Recovering metals that already exist instead of drilling new base metals, conserves natural resources. Also, metals recovered from e-waste are richer, such as copper and gold content found in mobile phones is 10-50 times higher than their ore.
  • Economic Development: Recycling Industry generates jobs at various levels in high numbers. It recruits people with high level skills and imparts specialised training too. This ensures more opportunity. Also, with the e-waste and li-ion scrap being taken care of, the tax-payers money can be diverted by the government towards any other area of development.
  • Feasible Process: Unlike traditional mining where a pit mine is a necessity, urban mining could be done on a large concrete pad using mining techniques. With the feasibility of the process anywhere, shipping of e-waste elsewhere or overseas need not happen.

In its totality, the idea could mark a dramatic shift from the traditional method of disassembling electronics.

We are leaders in recycling with India’s largest precious metal recycling facilities, ensuring eco-efficient recycling of complex waste streams containing precious and non-ferrous metals. A few more key highlights that make us a promising name in urban mining are:

  • We are India’s Largest and Fastest Growing Mine
  • Based in Roorkee, we pick up e-Waste from 1400 cities, processing >50,000 tons of e-waste/Annum
  • Through our technology, we recover:
    • Precious Metals: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium
    • Non-Ferrous Metals: Tin, Copper, Lead, Aluminium, Cobalt, Lithium Carbonate, Nickle, Manganese, Graphite, Electrolyte Salt
    • Rare Earth Metals: Tellurium, Cadmium, Neodymium, Dysprosium, Praseodymium, Samarium
  • We are the only producer of Cobalt and Lithium Carbonate in India
  • We are the largest producer of Tin in India

By promoting efficient consumption, enhanced resource recovery and end-to-end urban mining, we can save our planet from the severe impact that excessive earth mining or the existence of precious metals lying untreated in the landfill can have. Urban Mining is the way forward to a sustainable future.

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