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We Are Attero

“It’s not waste until it’s wasted.”
All that exists is opportunity and potential in spinning around the unwanted electronics of today to be a sustainable resource for tomorrow.

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The Attero Endeavour

Our range of services enable organizations to reduce the impact of their e-waste, maximize their role in saving environment, by ensuring sustainable use of resources.

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Redefining recycling by establishing and implementing world class facility, powered by patented technology. Right from segregation, dismantling & transformation of e-waste and Li-Ion batteries for extraction of various precious and semi-precious metals, we ensure responsible and sustainable use of resources.

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We offer country’s largest refurbishing and reconditioning operations of electronics by extending their functional life.

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Specialised Recycling

Attero offers a state-of-art recycling facility to provide sustainable and specialised recycling solutions. Our patented technologies let us achieve up to 100% metal extraction for reuse, making it the most eco-friendly process for driving circular economy

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Li'on Recycling

We at Attero, ensure the safe recycling of lithium-ion batteries, which are used in almost every modern electronic device in the market. Our processes are automated to ensure that the physical dismantling of these batteries is taken out of the equation.

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EPR Compliance

Extending end-to-end services, as registered PRO to producers, importers and manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment to be EPR compliant.

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Data Security

Offering you top-of-the-line data sanitization and data destruction services that ensure complete secrecy and confidentiality of data.

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Reverse Logistics

Our pan India network, strong processes and robust IT solutions make us a full-scale, low-cost and efficient reverse logistics company managing e-waste.

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Client compliances and consulting

Attero offers end-to-end consulting and services to be EPR compliant. We have the largest reverse logistics network in India connecting stakeholders across the value chain.

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Carbon footprint reduction services

Attero, through its sustainable recycling processes and eco-friendly facilities, ensures a net-zero carbon footprint. We promote the reduction and recycling of electronics and offer carbon-neutral services to organizations.

The Attero Minerals

Extracted Elements

Delivering high-quality minerals recovered by best in class, patented technology and cell agnostic process with extraction efficiency of 95%. Join us in building a sustainable future together.

The Attero Impact

Restoring balance across resources by maximizing efficiency through our ground-braking innovations.

  • Inclusion of Informal Sector
    Enabling the waste-picker of today to become an empowered e-captain of tomorrow.

The Attero Impact

Restoring balance across resources by maximizing efficiency through our ground-braking innovations.

  • Carbon Neutrality
    Making a responsible choice towards our environment, so that no more carbon is put into the atmosphere than that is already being taken out.

The Attero Impact

Restoring balance across resources by maximizing efficiency through our ground-braking innovations.

  • Responsible Mineral Sourcing
    Prioritizing innocent lives, we ensure supply of only conflict-free minerals, so no human rights are violated. In pursuit of the same, we pioneer in urban mining to be the new way forward.

The Attero Achievements

Laurels and applauds that have fuelled our passion and technology to keep innovating towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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The Attero Patronage

Our constants - who’ve trusted and invested in our vision to revolutionize how waste is recycled for a sustainable future.

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