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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Organization and PRO Partner

Producer responsibility organisation

Working towards a sustainable tomorrow, Attero is here and ready to walk an extra mile to a better future. We are authorised PRO for fulfilling a range of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) services under the E-Waste (Management) Rules. Producers, importers and manufacturers of EEE (Electronic and Electrical Equipment) can engage with us for their specific or multiple obligations to become EPR compliant.

As a Key Producer some responsibilities that become mandatory are:

  • Collection and channelisation of e-waste generated from the end-of-life products as per stated targets.
  • Ensuring its appropriate treatment and disposal methods including Hazardous materials.
  • Public awareness program through appropriate mediums, provide directions for handling/disposal of equipment after use.
  • Maintaining Records and Compliances for authorised EPR organisation.

Attero offers a one-stop solution as a PRO partner and offers services that have the following advantages:

  • We have one of the largest collection networks across India covering 1400 pin codes and door to door takeback program.
  • Our largest inhouse level 3 recycling facilities are spread over 10,000 sq. mtr. There is no downstream process or export of e-waste.
  • When we conduct take-back media awareness campaigns, toll free number and website is shared.
  • We ensure public awareness program through social media and on-ground activities.
  • As a responsible PRO we ensure that your compliances are met appropriately and timely.

Various brands and organisations have partnered & trusted Attero for their EPR and avail the best of services to meet their targets. Along with being one of India’s best EPR services provider, our take-back operations are backed with the Largest Reverse Logistics Network in India.

CLEAN e-INDIA is one such Attero Initiative that is an integrated e-waste Consumer Take-Back Program to help ensure organized collection, management and recycling of the electronic waste responsibly and sustainably.

  • The initiative is a widespread consumer e-waste collection network, which is also integrating the informal sector into the organized supply chain.
  • The e-waste collected under the CLEAN e-INDIA Initiative is processed in an environmentally responsible manner using clean technology.
  • Consumers are incentivized for being a part of this initiative and disposing of their e-waste.
  • The initiative is active across major cities in the country, which is one of the primary sources of electronic waste generation.

The CLEAN e-India initiative connects stakeholders across the value chain including individual & bulk consumers, waste pickers and aggregators. To amass e-waste efficiently and manage end-of-life electronics economically and sustainably. Here’s how it all works!

Some of the key feature of the CLEAN e-India Initiative that sets its apart and promising are:

  • Largest doorstep pick-up network in India
  • Unique consumer reward program
  • Strong awareness campaign
  • Integration of informal sector
  • Large franchise network
  • Robust digital backbone
  • Responsible management and recycling of e-waste

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