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Lithium Ion Battery Recycling

Li-ion Recycling

The modern-day usage of Lithium-ion batteries is profuse. It has made all gadgets portable and ubiquitous. And a similar effect and usage of the Li-ion batteries are going to have on electric vehicles. The ever-rising popularity of Li-ion Batteries is amplifying a series of challenges: 

  • Li-Ion battery technologies are central to Electric vehicles, Renewable Energy and Consumer Electronics.
  • The world is facing the challenge of being unable to recycle batteries efficiently & in an environmentally friendly manner to extract materials leading to a supply security issue.
  • End of Life Li-ion batteries and Manufacturing waste to get accumulated and harm the environment
  • Material requirements for such a demand are increasing and mining alone is not enough along with being environmentally unsustainable

With the aim to power a sustainable tomorrow, Attero offers world-class Li-ion Battery recycling solutions in India. Our sustainable and stringent process, backed with cutting edge green-technology enables the recovery of critical materials from all types of Li-ion batteries. Ours is a cell chemistry agnostic processing LFP, LCO, LTO and various NMC chemistry cells in India.

To meet up the scale of recycling of Li-ion batteries, and ensuring zero waste goes to landfill, Attero extends 360-degree recycling process. Collection, logistics, handling and packaging of li-ion batteries, safe destruction and up to 100% recovery of valuable battery metals for reuse in new batteries. Complete transparency and tracking throughout the process, to solve critical end-of-life battery problems.

Enabling a Carbon Positive Circular Economy, Attero is ensuring that:

  • All elements extracted from the Li-Ion batteries with an efficiency of (>98%), through its unique patented urban mining technologies. 
  • The metals extracted are therefore battery-grade purity. 
  • Ours is cell shape and size agnostic, so we process battery packs for Consumer Electronics, Telecom Towers and Electronic Vehicles.
  • Our li-Ion battery recycling process has a positive impact on the environment and other ESG parameters. 

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